Cost-Optimizing Data Management Solution


MTN Nigeria is one of the largest mobile operators in Africa, with over 80 million subscribers. The company’s ever-growing network of data and voice users generates a massive amount of data every day, totaling over 2 petabytes. This data is stored across a variety of heterogeneous sources, and MTN is facing a number of challenges in managing and storing it effectively.

One challenge is the rising cost of storage. MTN’s annual spend on storage and related services has increased by 50% year-over-year, running into millions of dollars. Another challenge is compliance. MTN is required to retain certain types of data for a specified period of time, but its current storage solution makes it difficult to meet these requirements.


MTN Nigeria was able to continue its business growth with a cost -optimizing data management capability in place. MTN was able to reduce its yearly spend on high-end storage by over 37% despite its data growth. The organization was able to meet compliance and regulatory expectations. With ROI averaging 63% and counting, the solution enabled the organization to achieve its digital objectives in a cost-effective and compliant manner.


In the face of reducing IT budget and the need to invest in innovation, MTN Nigeria was looking for a solution to optimize its data storage and fulfill regulatory requirements.

TigerLogic, a Veritas Platinum Partner, proposed a solution built on the Veritas Information Governance Solution Capability, which includes Veritas Data Insights and Enterprise Vault.

The solution intelligently identifies, classifies, indexes, and archives data in line with MTN Nigeria’s requirements and policies. Archived data is moved from primary, more expensive storage to secondary, cost-effective storage. The archived data is easily retrievable via a search from both the Outlook console or from a browser anywhere in the world. The solution works automatically and is transparent to end-users.

The solution delivery also involved a migration of existing mail archives from EMC SourceOne to Veritas Enterprise Vault. The solution was designed and optimized to handle the high-volume process without disrupting business services.