Information Systems Protection

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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, technology is a critical driver of productivity and a catalyst for innovative work methodologies. As enterprises embrace this digital transformation, robust information systems protection becomes increasingly paramount. Within this dynamic environment, challenges such as compliance adherence, threat management, and safeguarding network, endpoint, and data integrity emerge as top concerns for our enterprise clients.

At our esteemed company, we recognize the pivotal role of security intelligence in fortifying organizational resilience and optimizing protection measures. With a steadfast commitment to our client-centric ethos, we remain vigilant in navigating the ever-shifting cybersecurity terrain. Our comprehensive information systems protection solutions are meticulously designed to mitigate network vulnerabilities forestall data breaches and ensure regulatory compliance, fostering trust and enhancing customer confidence.

Collaborating with leading IT security vendors, we deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our agile and adaptable approach empowers us to swiftly address evolving threats and provide bespoke security measures, setting us apart as a responsive and innovative partner. From large-scale enterprises to diverse industry sectors, we take pride in safeguarding the digital assets of our clients and enabling them to pursue their strategic objectives with confidence.

In essence, our unwavering dedication to delivering best-in-class information systems protection remains steadfast. We understand the critical importance of secure technology solutions in empowering our clients to thrive in today’s digital landscape, and we are committed to providing them with the peace of mind they deserve. With our expertise and forward-thinking solutions, we stand poised to lead the charge in securing digital transformation and driving our clients’ success forward.

  • The digital era has ushered in a new era of data security challenges. With the proliferation of cloud storage, mobile devices, and other emerging technologies, organizations are struggling to keep up with the evolving threat landscape. Traditional security measures are no longer sufficient to protect sensitive corporate information.

    Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    Data Loss Prevention (DLP) offer a comprehensive approach to data security, empowering organizations to discover sensitive data across all systems, monitor its usage, and prevent leaks or theft, regardless of storage location.

    Data Classification Services (DCS)

    Data Classification Services (DCS) are a vital element of a comprehensive data security strategy. They aid organizations in categorizing data by sensitivity and business value, guiding the implementation of protective measures.

    Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

    Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) are essential for protecting databases, which are prime targets for cyber attacks. It monitors database access, detecting suspicious activities and policy violations to maintain compliance and security.

    Data Masking & Encryption (DME)

    Data Masking & Encryption (DME) plays a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized access, theft, and loss by irreversibly masking it in non-production environments. It provides swift, secure, and comprehensive data protection across diverse environments.‚Äč

  • Our Cloud Security solution offers robust protection to help organizations overcome these challenges and migrate to virtual and cloud environments safely and efficiently. Our Cloud Security portfolio encompasses:

    Critical Asset Security (CASB)

    Critical Asset Security (CASB): protects critical data and applications in cloud environments. CASB solutions can help organizations to identify and classify sensitive data, monitor data access and usage, and prevent data leaks and breaches.

    Cloud Workload Protection

    Cloud Workload Protection: protects cloud workloads from cyberattacks. This helps organizations to detect and respond to malware infections, vulnerabilities, and other threats.

    Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM

    Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM): helps organizations to monitor their cloud security posture and ensure compliance with data privacy and security regulations. It assist organizations to identify and remediate security risks, as well as generate reports to demonstrate compliance.

  • TigerLogic’s Endpoint & Security Operations offers
    comprehensive protection, real-time visibility, and rapid
    response capabilities to safeguard organizations
    against an array of threats.

    Complete Endpoint Protection

    It delivers strong threat detection and mitigation, using local and global threat intelligence. It safeguards systems and data with features like application control containment and behavioral intrusion prevention, seamlessly managed.

    Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

    Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): provides swift threat identification and mitigation. It helps organizations to detect and respond to threats quickly and effectively, minimizing the impact on business operations.

    Next-Generation Anti-Virus

    Next-Generation Anti-Virus: fortifies endpoints against the latest malware threats. It uses a combination of signature-based and heuristic detection techniques to identify and block even the most evasive malware.

    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): collects and analyzes logs from diverse sources, providing a comprehensive view for swift threat identification and response.

    Vulnerability Management

    Vulnerability Management: helps organizations to identify and remediate system weaknesses. This helps organizations to reduce their risk of being exploited by cybercriminals.

    Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

    Managed Detection and Response (MDR): provides expert guidance to tackle security incidents effectively. MDR experts monitor security systems and events 24/7, providing organizations with the support they need to detect, investigate, and respond to threats quickly and effectively.

  • In today’s digital world, identity is the new perimeter. Organizations are increasingly reliant on online and mobile applications and services, which has made identity security more critical than ever before.

    However, cybercriminals are constantly evolving their tactics to exploit identity vulnerabilities. Phishing, Man-in-the-Middle (MITM), and Man-in-the-Browser (MITB) attacks are just a few of the many threats that organizations face today.

    Striking a balance between security and user experience is a challenge for many businesses. Organizations need to implement strong identity security measures to protect themselves from cyberattacks, but they also need to ensure that their users can access the resources they need to do their jobs effectively.

    Our Identity Security solutions help organizations to achieve this balance. We partner with industry-leading security vendors to offer a comprehensive suite of identity security solutions that provide adaptive authentication, identity management, and identity threat protection.

    Privileged Access Management (PAM)

    Privileged Access Management (PAM): manage and secure account and reduce the risk of insider threats and external attacks.

    Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    Identity and Access Management (IAM): manages user identities and access rights, enhancing security, compliance, and cost-efficiency.y Threat Protection: detect and respond to identity-based threats, mitigating the risk of account takeovers and phishing attacks.

    Identity Threat Protection:

    Identity Threat Protection: detect and respond to identity-based threats, mitigating the risk of account takeovers and phishing attacks.